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Millennia Trendz   offers expertise and cutting edge Awareness and Education Presentations for Students, Parents, Educators, other Professionals and Community members.

                     "I've heard so many lectures as to why one should avoid as 
                       much technology as possible, but Dorthe actually embraces it 
                       and uses it to prove that good will conquer bad."
                                             ~ JESSICA, P.E.I.
                                                (Youth Attendee: Toronto Conference 2012)
Social Media includes:
                          ...hooking up...luring...



                  to CYBERVIOLENCE!!!
                                                        ...and that's a crime!

                  "Youth today are amazingly resilient but still need 
                   parental guidance and support to ensure that they
                   travel safety in their virtual world that often does 
                   not bear any resemblance to the reality they 
                                      Dorthe Flauer, Youth Workshop CWF 2012 
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